The Umnitsa Company is the largest Russian creator of unique developmental products for children. For over 17 years, we have been developing and producing learning programs and games for children as young as newborn age.

Educational kits by Umnitsa are uniquely developed, designed for early reading, mathematics, and English language learning, for exploring the world around them, and for creative development. Programs include: "Reading for Babies", "ABC for Babies", "100 Colours", "English for Babies", "Geography Learning System", "World in the Palm of Your Hand" and many more.


Make the world happier
— that is the mission
of the Umnitsa Company!

All products are designed according to unique methodologies: Doman-Manichenko methodology, fairy tale therapy methodology, the “ENGLISH TIME” technique, and creative development methodology. All of them utilize short gaming lessons, and let parents develop their kids comprehensively and harmoniously in all areas: memory, language, thinking, motor skills, perception, attention, imagination, and reception of activity.

Our company's products are in high demand throughout Russia, the CIS countries, and with Russian-speaking families worldwide. Umnitsa is represented in many federal chain stores, children's stores, early learning centres, and in online stores in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan. The company is a leader in the industry, receiving numerous awards as well as gaining positive customer feedback over the course of 17 years of operation.

Fast facts about “Umnitsa”

  • 17 years of successful development.
  • More than 100 titles of developmental products for children.
  • 300 000 parents' trust. Customers committed to Umnintsa brand are mainly middle-class and upper-middle-class, educated parents, with active lifestyles and conscious attitudes regarding their baby's early education.
  • Products in more than 600 stores in Russia and the CIS countriesA professional team of more than 100 specialists.
  • In April 2010, the company was named "Brand of the Year / EFFIE 2009”.
  • Mail ordering has been available since 2002. E-shop since 2003. Brand stores since 2009.
  • 24/7 toll free customer hotline since 2008.
  • Shipping orders to all parts of Russia, neighbouring countries, and Russian-speaking clients in Europe, America, Australia, Middle and Far East. Umnitsa brand stores are located in Moscow, Chelyabinsk, Yekaterinburg, Krasnodar and St. Petersburg with plans for more.


Umnitsa Business Conduct Guidelines

Umnitsa's Business Conduct Guidelines are our code of business conduct and ethics for all of our employees. Umnitsa requires of all its managers and employees to always conduct themselves in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations, as well as the Company’s internal guidelines. The cornerstone of compliance for any company is the unequivocal directive established by the senior management and communicated to all employees, that all laws and regulations must be observed. This directive is accompanied by the equally clear warning that violations will not be tolerated. Besides requiring all managers and employees to observe the law, the Business Conduct Guidelines also stipulate precise rules to ensure compliance with competition laws and anti-corruption laws, the correct handling of donations, the avoidance of conflicts of interest in the exercise of job functions, and the protection of company assets.

Early Learning

Nowadays, many intelligent and caring parents are realizing the benefits of early childhood development and are directing their efforts to searching for and selecting successful programs. The Umnitsa Company, a leader in the development of educational games for children from birth, is ready to provide moms and dads with progressive methods designed for use from the very first days of baby's life up to 5 years old. Efficient development of speech, intelligence, thinking, and memory, as well as the learning of reading, math, and logic, is provided through a unique approach to the use of children's games: playing and watching at the same time.

According to the Doman-Manichenko methodology, babies start speaking, reading fluently (bypassing the stage of the syllables pronunciation), and thinking quickly through the exercises and games shared with their parents.

Mini-lessons on Doman-Manichenko technique are easy and unconstrained. You can begin to develop your child from birth up through 3-4 years of age. The sooner, the better, because "Kindergarten is Too Late!" (Masaru Ibuka).